How to Make a Police Hat

Making a police hat for a child's costume party is fun and easy. Or you can just use the hat for play at home. Get the kids involved in making their own police hats to teach them how to use art supplies.

Enlarge the pattern to twice its size and then print out a copy. It will take two bond papers to print all the elements in the police hat pattern.

Cut out the printed pattern pieces, lay it on the corresponding colour craft foam and trace using a pencil. The biggest piece or the crown shape should go on the blue craft foam, forming the main part of your police hat.

Cut the craft foam making sure that the borders are cut clean and straight. Cut the other pieces of the pattern.

Align the black band at the bottom part of the blue piece and attach it with glue. Cut out excess at the bottom and sides of the black band.

Affix the yellow badge at the centre of the blue piece with your glue. Glue a printed and cut out copy of the word "POLICE" in the centre of the yellow badge. Or write it with a black permanent marker.

Let this headpiece dry for a few minutes. After it dries, position the assembled head piece on the sun visor and attach using glue. Hold it in place by using clothespins until the glue dries.

If you're using a different coloured sun visor, cover the exposed parts using the blue craft foam. You can do this by tracing the shape on to a paper and transferring it to the craft foam. Then cut it and glue to the visor. Hold with clothespins and let it dry.

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