Donkey Pinata Instructions

A piñata is a fun activity for children at a party. It can be filled with small toys, candy and stickers. Any character can be made into a piñata. Donkeys are a traditional piñata used at a fiesta. Making a donkey piñata is easy and the entire family can participate.


Most of the materials for a donkey piñata can be found in your recycling bin. Gather thin cardboard, like cereal boxes, and newspaper. You will also need flour, water, glue, an X-acto knife, a ruler, masking tape and coloured tissue paper. Keep in mind the size of donkey you will be making and gather enough materials.

Forming the Base

Open the cereal boxes so they are flat. Use the ruler and X-acto knife to score (cut very shallow lines) parallel along the cereal box. Roll the cardboard into a tube; the scored lines will make it easy to roll. Tape the tube together. This will be the body. For a bigger donkey, tape pieces of cardboard together to make the body bigger. Use the same method to create five more tubes for the legs and neck. These should be smaller than the body. The neck should be slightly larger than the legs. Tape the legs onto the bottom four corners of the body and the neck on the top of one side. Make a ball of newspaper to make the face of the piñata. Tape the paper ball to the top of the neck for the head. Enclose the body ends by covering the holes with tape. Cut a hole in the top of the donkey's body to fill with candy and prizes.

Strengthening the Pinata

You will need to add paper mache to the cardboard base to strengthen the piñata. Cut strips of newspaper. Add equal parts of flour and water and mix well. Dip the strips of newspaper into the flour/water mixture. Cover the piñata with the strips. Add two or three layers of paper mache to the donkey. Cover the hole cut in the donkey with paper mache. Once the paper mache dries, the hole will be cut open again.

Decorating the Pinata

Let the paper mache dry at least 24 hours. You may need to wait 48 hours depending on the thickness of paper mache applied. Cut the coloured tissue paper into long strips. Cut fringe on the long strips by making many cuts along the bottom of the tissue paper lengthwise. Do not cut all the way through the tissue paper. Glue the fringed tissue paper onto the donkey. Use several alternating colours to create a striped pattern. Glue the paper on the donkey from the bottom to the top, overlapping the fringe. After the original hole is covered in tissue paper, cut the hole again, leaving part of the hole attached. You can fill the piñata with candy, then close the hole.

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