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How to get rid of old trophies

Updated April 17, 2017

There comes a day when most people look at an old trophy and wonder why they have kept it so long. Maybe it's the realisation that a participant trophy for a marathon run 10 years ago isn't nearly as cool to have on the shelf as it was then. Or maybe it is the realisation that the junior football trophy in the cupboard is really taking up space that could be used for other items. One thought is to sell the piece of hardware to a shop that makes trophies. Fat chance. Trophy makers rarely buy back old pieces because it is not worth the trouble of taking them apart. They'd rather build new. So, what can you do with an unwanted old trophy?

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  1. Reuse trophies in other sports. Some sporting events reuse trophies with the nameplates removed and give them to winners. For example, the top male runner may get a bowling trophy while the second-place finisher may get a small football participation trophy.

  2. Landscape the garden. The Beatles did it on the Sgt Pepper's album cover and many people still do. An old trophy cup can make an interesting bird bath or a simple ornament in the garden.

  3. Sell the old trophies to a pawn or antique shop. You probably won't get much money, but remember the old adage of one man's treasure is another man's junk.

  4. Put the hardware in a box and throw them away. Most trophies are a combination of hard plastic, metal screws and some metal. Most recycling centres will take them. However, do check with your local council first.

  5. Donate them to a school. If the trophy is of some importance, the school that awarded the trophy might want it for its collection.

  6. Tip

    If you do throw out the trophy, remove screws and use them for other projects.

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