How to dispose of a big mirror

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Large mirrors can be useful to have, but when you are done with them, it's not always clear how to dispose of them. While some individuals advocate recycling mirrors, they are often prohibited from being recycled for a few reasons, including that they often harm recycling machinery.

Broken mirrors can be reused into other objects, including mosaics, candle holders and hand-held mirrors. If you have a large mirror to dispose of, you have a couple of options.

Break the mirror into small pieces. Place the mirror on a flat surface and lay a thick towel over the entire mirror, if possible. Gently tap on the towel with a hammer. Wear safety glasses, a long-sleeved shirt and gloves when performing this task. Wrap the pieces of shattered mirror in newspaper. If the edges are sharp or ragged, place masking tape over them. Place the newspaper-wrapped mirror pieces into a cardboard box. Label the box with the word "glass" and set the box out on your curb on garbage-collection day.

Give the mirror to someone else. As the saying goes, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Either donate the mirror to a thrift shop or give it to someone as a present.

Break the mirror into small pieces and use them in craft projects. Broken mirror pieces are ideal materials for mosaics.

Sell the mirror. You can take the mirror to a consignment shop and get a portion of the profits if the mirror sells, or sell the mirror at a yard sale.