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How to make a funeral memory board

Updated February 21, 2017

It's a bittersweet responsibility to make a funeral memorial board, and you want it to be perfect. The object of a funeral board is to celebrate the life of the deceased, and is best accomplished by gathering photographs and memorabilia that will bring the memory of the person to mind for each visitor who pays his respects at the funeral home. With some deep thought and insightful advice, you can make a funeral memory board that will live in the memories of all who come to celebrate the deceased's life.

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  1. Contact as many people as possible who may have photographs of the departed person, and ask them for a copy of their favourite picture. Also inquire at to their favourite memories, and make notes to assist you in accumulating other items.

  2. Lay the project board on a large surface such as a dining room table so you can experiment on the layout you like best. Funeral memory boards are usually used lengthwise, so put the longest side of the board at the top.

  3. Center the most recent photo of the deceased, making sure the top of the photo is level with the top of the board. This will be the focal point of your memory board.

  4. Divide the remaining area of the board into six sections: upper left and right, middle left and right, and lower left and right.

  5. Arrange the remaining photos in groups in each section, depending on the lifestyle of the person being honoured. The top two sections should contain photos of the person as a child and as a teen/young adult; the centre sections should contain the deceased with family members such as spouse and children.

  6. Reserve the lower sections for photographs showing the departed person doing things she enjoyed, such as a favourite vacation, hobby or pastime. Examples might be gardening, hiking, swimming, golfing, cooking or playing bingo.

  7. Stand the board against a countertop or wall, and step back to check your work. Rearrange any photos that look out of place, or tilt several photos in one area to draw the eye to a central picture.

  8. Adhere each photo to the board, using photography tape so the pictures aren't damaged. Press the photos down firmly so they won't fall off when the board is placed on the easel or display area.

  9. Tip

    Use the favourite stories told to you by family members to help choose the photos. The funeral home will provide an easel or table to display your memory board. Place items associated with the departed (such as a golf ball, scrabble tiles, knitting needles, a toy truck or motorcycle, or a garden trowel) on a table in front of the board for a special tribute.

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Things You'll Need

  • Foam project board
  • Photograph tape

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