How to Paint a Red Brick House

Painting a red brick house can be a time-consuming and tiresome task, which is why many experts recommend leaving bricks alone rather than painting them. Bricks are porous, which means they absorb paint, making them difficult to cover thoroughly and evenly. In addition, once painted, it is extremely difficult to remove paint from bricks. Still, if you are determined to paint, it can be done with a lot of primer and patience. Follow the tips below to make sure your red brick house is painted properly.

Use painter's tape and newspaper to cover and protect windows, doors, gutters, wood trims and other areas you don't want to paint.

Wash the bricks. Dirt, mould, moss and other natural materials can get caught in the many cracks and crevices of bricks. You will have to wash them thoroughly before starting, ideally using a pressure washer. Adjust it to the lowest setting, however, to avoid damaging the bricks.

Prime the bricks. Use a special outdoor brick primer. Most major paint companies make them (see Resource section below). Apply the primer with a paintbrush, roller or ideally, a paint sprayer, which will coat the bricks more evenly and quickly. Depending on the brand of primer and the condition of the bricks, you may have to apply several coats.

Once the primer has completely dried, paint the bricks. Again, use a spray painter for best results. Wait for the paint to dry completely and apply another coat.

Freshly painted bricks are only part of the package. To really make your home truly sparkle, make sure the entire outside receives a new coat or two of paint. This includes the door, wood trim around the windows and porch.

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