How to demolish a brick wall structure in a garden

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Brick is a building material that has been used for years. A brick wall provides an attractive, classic look and is very durable. In addition to being used in buildings, brick walls are also used along property lines, as retaining walls and as sitting walls in a garden. If you decide you want to expand the garden, you can demolish the wall.

Spread tarpaulins on both sides of the wall to help collect debris as you demolish the wall.

Set a hammer drill to vibrate and install a small wedge tip.

Place the tip on the mortar just beneath the first brick on the top row.

Drill at the mortar with the hammer drill until the brick pops loose. Remove the brick from the wall.

Continue removing the bricks until the wall has been completely removed. If the mortar is old and worn, you may be able to remove several bricks at once.

Clear the bricks and debris from the top of the foundation.

Remove the foundation with a jackhammer. Begin around the perimeter of the slab and work in towards the centre, removing the chunks of concrete as you break the slab up.

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