How to paint cedar wood

Cedar fence planks image by K. Geijer from

A durable and stable wood, cedar's uses include house siding and furniture. Cedar wood is water resistant making it less susceptible to dry rot. A 100 per cent acrylic paint is best suited for cedar and can be applied by spraying, brushing or rolling onto the wood. Prepare the wood before applying paint. The use of water repellent and primer keep paint from fading on cedar wood for many years. Apply the paint and water repellent to cedar during favourable weather conditions, when no rain is forecast, to keep humidity at a minimum.

Apply one coat of water repellent to the cedar wood. Dip a brush or roller into the water repellent solution and spread over the cedar. Allow the water repellent to dry completely before applying the primer.

Apply a stain-block primer to the cedar. Brush onto the wood, covering the entire area. The primer provides a foundation for the paint. Allow the primer to dry before painting the wood.

Pour the paint into a paint pan and apply to a paint brush or roller. Paint the cedar, covering all the wood with paint. Allow the paint to dry and then determine if you need a second coat. Apply a second coat only after the first coat has dried properly.

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