How to paint breeze block walls

Image via Flickr.

Transform your ordinary breeze block wall by refinishing it with the proper paint. Before you get started, consider that breeze blocks are composed of an aggregate of fine sand, gravel and ash. These materials are ill-suited for adhesion and will reject new finishes unless you properly condition them.

If you want paint to stick to your breeze block walls, treat them with a bonding primer or flaking will eventually result.

Wash the breeze block wall with a pressure washer to remove all dust and debris.

Shield surfaces next to the breeze block by covering each with painter's tape. Shield the ground underneath the breeze block, using dust sheets.

Coat the breeze block wall with acrylic latex primer, using a roller. Move left to right, rolling vertically. Prime areas of the breeze block, inaccessible to the roller, using a nylon brush. Wait two hours for the block wall to dry.

Wash each paint brush and roller with water.

Paint the breeze block wall just as you primed it, using latex paint. Wait two hours for the block wall to dry.