How to Connect a PC to a Mobile Phone on Bluetooth

Connecting a PC to a mobile phone with Bluetooth can enable you to do lots of things with your devices. This feature creates a transmittal port for networking and sharing for ringtones, multimedia files and Internet connections. Enabling this functionality on both your PC and mobile phone can be quite easy to achieve. This instructions will assist you in doing so without any problems.

Configure your computer's Bluetooth connection. Click the "Start" menu icon or symbol, which will be located on your desktop's taskbar. Select "Control Panel," found in the Start menu's dropbox. When the Control Panel screen appears, you will see a list of internal options that contribute to the operation of your computer. Click "Network and Internet" and select "Change Settings for a Bluetooth Enabled Device." When this subtopic screen appears, you may see options such as "Make Discoverable," "Enable Discovery Mode," or "Add Device." Click on the most relative command. (This command will vary depending on your version of the Bluetooth technology, operating system and computer manufacturer.)

Configure the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device. To connect the device with your computer, you must make it discoverable also. Click "Menu" on your mobile device keypad. In the menu, you will see a list of options. Click "Settings." Locate the "Connections" folder in our mobile device menu. In the "Connections" folder, "Bluetooth" should be listed as a subfolder.

Choose this folder and configure your discovery mode. Click the "Discovery," "Power On," "Or Add Device" command and turn this setting on. Your phone will begin to load and configure your new settings. You will then see a small Bluetooth symbol at the top of your mobile screen. (This symbol usually appears next to the battery power indication symbol.) Your Bluetooth device is now enabled and discoverable so other devices can connect to it.

Connect the mobile device with the computer. On your computer's "Control Panel" in the "Bluetooth Devices" folder, click "Set up a Bluetooth Enabled Device". A Bluetooth device's InstallShield Wizard will appear. The portal will be blank and the tab should automatically be set to devices. Click "Add" at the bottom of the portal. The next screen to appear will prompt you to configure the connecting device. Since the mobile device is already configured, check the box that states "My device is set up and ready to be found." This should be the only box on the page. Click "Next" to allow the computer's Bluetooth module to detect the mobile device. The next screen should display a thumbnail icon with the model name and number of your mobile device.

Highlight the mobile device's icon and click "Next" when the button becomes active. The next screen will prompt you to enter a password for the connection of the devices. There will be several options but choose the option that says "Let me choose my own password." (You will enter this same exact code in your mobile device when prompted.) Enter the password of your choice in the blank data form provided. Click "Next" so the computer can begin searching for the mobile device. Your "Found New Hardware" notification will appear and prompt you to choose an installation action.

Choose the "Locate and Install Driver (Software)" option. Your computer will now automatically install the mobile device's driver software. Your computer's Bluetooth module will now finalise the connection. The InstallShield Wizard will appear once again in the next screen. A notification will appear with the mobile device's specifications and technical information. Click "Finish" to conclude the connection. The Bluetooth module should now appear with options for transferring files between the two devices. This is your indication that the devices have been successfully connected and configured.

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