How to find a person or address by telephone number for free

It's happened to us all. We have the phone number or address but are not sure who the information belongs to. With a quick and easy reverse search, the information can be had in a matter of minutes.

And the good news is many of these search services are free; at least all of the reverse search services provided here are free of charge.

Use the free reverse lookup service offered by White Pages. Visit the White Pages website (see Resources below) and click the "Reverse Lookup" tab. Enter the telephone number and then click "Search."

Search by address. Still at the White Pages website and on the same reverse lookup tab, enter the street address and city or Postcode in the Reverse Address box. The state/province can also be included but is not required. Click "Search."

Use the reverse number offered by 411. Visit the 411 website (see Resources below) and enter the phone number in the "Reverse Phone Number" box. Click "Search."

Search by address. Use the reverse address search box to find a person by address. Enter the address, city and/or ZIPcode and state if known. Click "Search."