How to Make Pop Up Cards

When a special occasion like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or someone's birthday comes along, why not make a special card instead of purchasing a ready made one. Pop up cards are fun to make, and kids will be excited to give their creation to someone special.

Fold one piece of paper in half lengthwise with short ends together.

Fold the same piece of paper again lengthwise so the short ends come together. Set aside.

In another piece of paper, cut out a small rectangle that is 4-by-5 inches.

Lay the small rectangle on the table in front of you with the long edge resting horizontally.

Draw a flower vase in the middle of the paper, and colour it in.

Draw a bouquet of flowers with stems and leaves on another piece of paper. Make sure the stems and leaves are fairly broad.

Cut out the flowers and stems. Make sure to leave the stems attached to the flowers.

Glue the stems to the backside of the flower vase. Allow to dry.

Fold the small rectangle in half with the vase showing on the outside.

Fold the short edges of the small rectangle back about a half inch.

Glue the turned under edges of the small rectangle to the inside of the card with the creases lined up. Allow to dry.

Finish your card by writing something special on the inside, and fold the card shut. When it is opened, the flowers will pop out.

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