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How to Keep a Dog From Jumping a Fence

Updated February 21, 2017

Your dog has a bad habit of jumping the chain link fence. You can’t afford a privacy fence and you don’t want to have to chain your dog outside, but what can you do? Add an extension to the chain link fence using welded wire fencing. It will raise the height of the fence and, because it doesn’t support the weight of the dog, he won’t be able to climb on it.

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  1. Unroll the welded wire to about 8 feet long. It’s easier to work with smaller sections rather than try to do the whole roll of wire at once. Cut across the wire fencing at that spot.

  2. Determine where the middle of the wire is, from top to bottom, and cut down the length of the wire section. This will double the amount of welded wire you have.

  3. Lift the wire and place it against the chain link fence with about two to three sections of the wire fencing below the top of the chain link fence. Depending on how you cut the fencing, there might be little prongs on one part. Put these prongs on the bottom.

  4. Use cable ties about every 4 inches to secure the welded wire fencing to your chain link fencing. To increase the stability of the extension, use two rows of cable ties. Alternate where the cable ties are placed so that the cable ties on one row lie in between the cable ties on the other row.

  5. Cut the next length of welded wire fencing and place it on the chain link fence. Move it so that the end overlaps the end of the wire fencing that was just secured. Secure the new section to the chain link fence and to the other section of welded wire fencing with cable ties. Continue until you have put welded wire fencing around all the chain link fencing in your yard.

  6. Use needle-nose pliers to bend the prongs where the welded wire fencing was cut. Bend the prong over and around one of the metal pieces of the chain link fence. This will secure the welded wire fencing even more.

  7. Use the wire cutters to trim the end off the plastic cable ties. If you don’t mind the look, you can leave the cable ties alone. Should your dog try to climb this new extension, the plastic ties will stick his face and paws, creating another deterrent.

  8. Tip

    You can alternately put the welded wire fencing up without cutting it in half. Go up about halfway and bend it inward. Dogs cannot reach backward over their heads, so they won’t be able to climb this fencing.

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Things You'll Need

  • Welded wire fencing
  • Tape measure (optional)
  • Wire cutters
  • Plastic cable ties
  • Needle-nose pliers

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