How to Spot Fake Armani Clothes

The brand Armani is synonymous with true elegance. No other designer embodies classic lines and exquisite materials like Armani does. From his beautiful men's suits to his detailed evening gowns, his clothing is always classic, graceful and well-made. The Armani brand is broken down into several individual lines, catering to different markets. Since Armani clothing is quite expensive, there are many replica makers trying to make a quick buck by fooling buyers into purchasing fake Armani clothes. You can, however, spot replica clothing if you employ close attention to detail.

Be familiar with the various Armani lines. Armani has several individual lines under the broad Armani name. Giorgio Armani Black Label is the most expensive line and is only sold at exclusive Armani boutiques. Giorgio Armani Classico is considered on par with the Black Label line, however, it is no longer made. Giorgio Armani Collezioni is also known as White Label and is sold in upscale department stores as well as Armani Collezioni boutiques. Emporio Armani is sold primarily in specific Emporio Armani shops. Jeans are sold under the Armani Jeans label. Armani Exchange is the least expensive of all the Armani lines and geared toward North America.

Know the various label colours. Giorgio Armani Black Label clothes' labels feature white letters on black labels. Giorgio Armani Classico labels feature silver letters on navy blue backgrounds. Giorgio Armani Collezioni labels will have black letters on white labels. All these labels will feature the line's name in upper case letters. Most of the labels will also have "Made in Italy" on them. Emporio Armani labels will read either "EA" or "GA" on them. This line's labels are either cream coloured with black lettering or black coloured with white lettering. Finally, Armani Jeans labels will feature "AJ" on the left side of the label and "Armani Jeans" on the right, also all in upper case letters. This label will feature white lettering on a dark blue label. Armani Exchange labels will either read "Armani Exchange" or "A/X." These labels do not feature the Armani eagle.

Feel the clothing's material. As a top designer line, Armani clothing is made from extremely high-quality material. If the piece of clothing feels at all flimsy or cheap, it is most certainly not authentic Armani.

Look closely at the stitching on the item. If the stitching is uneven, frayed, crooked or at all sloppy, it is a fake. If the piece of clothing features a lining, it should be sewn in evenly and flat. There should be no bunching or puckering along the seams.

Observe the clothing's design. If it very eccentric or wild, it is probably not real. Armani clothes feature classic lines and conservative designs. Many replica makers incorporate odd designs into the fake pieces.

Examine photos of authentic Armani clothing, preferably from the Armani websites. Compare those photos to those of the clothes for sale. If anything looks even slightly off, you are dealing with replica clothing. If the seller only lists stock photos of the clothing for sale, ask to see photos of the actual items. Those selling fake Armani items will often display stock photos so buyers are tricked into purchasing the replica items. If the seller is hesitant to show you photos of the actual clothing, walk away.

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