How to Create Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

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Create your own Yu-Gi-Oh cards online to expand gameplay. Or, make your own Yu-Gi-Oh cards online to replace a lost or damaged card. These Yu-Gi-Oh cards can be made online and saved. The cards you make online for free can also be printed to use in real-life card games when duelling your friends.

Go to the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker website. Register with Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker for free . Registering with the site allows you to save and store your cards.

Decide whether the Yu-Gi-Oh card is going to be a Monster, Ritual, Fusion, Spell, Trap or a Synchro. Choose a name for the Yu-Gi-Oh card. Type in the name in the "Name" field. Select the card type from the pull-down menu.

Determine the strength and characteristics of the Yu-Gi-Oh card. Choose its attribute from the pull-down menu. The Yu-Gi-Oh card can be light, dark, water, fire, earth, wind or divine. Choose the level for the Yu-Gi-Oh card, as a number between one and 12. For Trap or Spell cards, skip to Step 4.

Give the Trap or Spell cards a type of magic. Click on the arrow in the pull-down menu for Trap/Magic Type and choose from Continuous, Counter, Equip, Field, Ritual, Quick-play or None.

Choose your Yu-Gi-Oh card's rarity. The rarity level could be Common, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, Secret Rare or Ultimate Rare.

Upload an image to use on the Yu-Gi-Oh card. Click on "Upload" and a pop-up box will appear. Choose an image file that is smaller than 2 MB. Click "Upload" and the image will appear on your card.

Complete the rest of the fields on the Yu-Gi-Oh cardmaker template. Pay special attention to the ATK/DEF settings. ATK are attack points, and the DEF is the defence position.

Generate the Yu-Gi-Oh card when all fields are complete. Save it if you like what you see. Continue making adjustments and changes if you would like to make it different. Generate it again and save it.

Save the image to your desktop by right-clicking the mouse and selecting "Save Image to Desktop" in Windows. Click on the Yu-Gi-Oh card and drag it to the desktop on a Mac. Use a digital photo-editing program to change the card's dimensions. Print out the Yu-Gi-Oh card on the card stock and cut it out with scissors.

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