How to Spice Up a Plain Black Dress

A plain black dress is the perfect item to have in any woman’s wardrobe. It can be worn day, night, for formal occasions and for every event in between. A black dress looks great on every woman no matter what her size. As great as a black dress is, sometimes you just need to spice it up a bit and make it a little more interesting. Here are some tips for spicing up a plain black dress.

Put on a lace camisole underneath the dress. The top of the lace camisole should peek out from underneath the dress and it will add an extra pretty touch. It’s a good alternative for those that want to add a bit of sexiness but don’t want to expose too much cleavage. Don’t worry about the camisole being too hot underneath the dress considering the camisole has no sleeves.

Know that a belt will add an extra punch to a plain dress. You can place the belt either on your waist or a few inches underneath your breasts. A belt gives the illusion of a bigger bust, and it also gives the illusion of a different shape to your body. Instead of having only the option of using a regular belt, a silk or velvet ribbon will work well also in place of the regular belt.

Pin a beautiful brooch on the dress. You can pin the brooch on the front of the dress right below your shoulder. You can also pin the brooch on a low cut wrap dress right at the point where the fabric meets together by the cleavage. It keeps the fabric in place and keeps it from shifting. A brooch adds a beautiful touch to the dress, especially if it’s an interesting antique or vintage brooch.

A beautiful sheer shawl will look fabulous if you are wearing a spaghetti strap or strapless dress. Not only does it spice up an otherwise plain dress, but it also will keep you a bit warmer if the weather is chilly.

Add bright coloured tights to a plain black dress. The tights will add a punch of colour and you can find a decent pair for under £6. You can find tights in every colour of the rainbow and since the dress is black, you have your pick of all of them.

Fabulous shoes are a great way to add some spice to an outfit. Go for shoes that are metallic or brightly coloured instead of plain black. Wearing shoes with high heels are your best bet.

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