How to Wear Studs on a Dress Shirt

Men's studs, or single-gem earrings, can be worn on a dress shirt as an inexpensive and unique alternative to cuff links. Adding studded details to a dress shirt can take it from the level of business casual to impressively chic. Although your wardrobe may be small, a few sets of crystal studs can make plain shirts great for a variety of occasions.

Remove the earring backs and set aside. Mark a spot 1/2 centimetre from the back of each stud on the ear post. Firmly grip one stud and snip the post at your mark, leaving the stud with a shortened post. Repeat for each stud.

Thread the needle with 24 inches of thread, making a 12-inch tail when doubled. Locate two cuff link holes at the end of each sleeve. Starting on the underside of the fabric, gently stitch each hole closed.

Take one stud and insert its post through the centre of the stitched button hole, pointing the gem outward. The tiny post should slip easily through the openings between stitches. Anchor the stud by placing the earring fastener on the underside of the cuff. Repeat for each stitched cuff link, and you're ready to go.

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