How to Copy Photos to a Memory Stick

Memory Sticks are inexpensive and easy to use. They are small, convenient and portable. You can carry them on your key chain making your photos available at any time. Backup is very important. If your hard drive crashes those photos are gone forever. Memory sticks come in various sizes and hold hundreds of documents and photos.

Browse to the location of your photos on your hard drive. Most people keep them organized in folders. Resize the window and keep it open; it's easiest if you allow access to both drives and their content at the same time.

Insert the memory stick into your computer using the universal serial bus (USB) Port. The USB port is located in the front, back of side of your computer.

Double click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop to display all drives on your computer. Double click the "Removable Disk" icon to open and view the contents of your USB memory stick. Create a new folder called "Photos" Resize this window and keep it open. You want your two windows left opened and side by side.

Right click and "Copy" your picture or folder from your computer's hard drive. Next, Right click and "Paste" to the designated location on your memory stick--in this case into the folder called "Photos."

When the copy has completed successfully, close out of both windows before removing your Memory Stick.

To remove your USB memory stick safely, follow these instructions. Incorrect removal may result in loss of data or damage to the device. Click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the system tray. From the pop up menu, select "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device". A pop-up appears; It is now safe to remove your memory stick. Pull the memory stick out of your computer.

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