How to make a snail costume

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Fancy dress parties are predominantly held for Halloween and it always seems like we come up with the best costume ideas in early November and forget them in time for next year’s celebrations. You can always go out and buy or rent a costume, but where’s the fun in that? Making your own costume will make you unique, and there’s nothing worse than going to a party where someone else has the same outfit. If you have a strong desire to go to your party as an invertebrate, follow our guide for how to make a snail outfit.

In costume

Take a large sheet of brown paper, which will eventually be your shell, and scrunch up and twist one end – this is the start of one half of your shell. Now start to roll this end and, as you roll, scrunch up the paper in front so it starts to form a compact spiral. Continue scrunching and rolling, taping one side and gluing as you go. Make the spiral as large as you like. Do this again with another piece of brown paper to make the second half of your shell. Then glue the two halves together. Glue the shell to a flat piece of cardboard or plastic. Alternatively, use a large piece of foam as your shell and simply roll it up and glue to make your shell.

Take two strips of material and fasten them to the flat sheet of cardboard or plastic to make straps. Get someone to help you and keep trying the shell on and adjusting the straps so the shell sits well and comfortably. If you have an old backpack you can sacrifice, cut off the bag part, leaving only the straps and the bit that sits on your back and glue the shell to this.

Cut out two antennas from foam and glue one end of each to your hairband. Cut a hole in each of your ping pong balls and push the other ends of the foam antennas into the holes to make eyes. Draw eyeballs on the balls with a permanent marker.

Put on your leotard, hairband and shell. Party!

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