Making a Transformers-Themed Bedroom

Decorating or redecorating a boy's bedroom can be difficult. First, you must decide on what sort of theme you are going to use, then you are tasked with finding decorations to reflect the theme that has been chosen.

If you have chosen a popular cartoon character or movie theme, finding decor for the room shouldn't be too much of a problem. But if you have chosen to decorate using a cartoon that is rather old, finding what you need might not be so easy if you're not sure exactly where to look. Finding decorations to match a Transformers theme isn't as hard as one might think. In fact, there are a lot of Transformers-themed decor available from various places.The Transformers originally started out as a cartoon that was widely broadcast and became wildly popular with children in the 1980s. The cartoon had a run of a few years and was mostly watched by boys, although some girls also enjoyed watching the cartoon. During the height of the cartoon's popularity, companies manufactured and sold a variety of Transformers-themed products to include books, clothing, toys and bedroom decor

What to Choose

Though their popularity had waned after the cartoon went off the air, a movie was made using the theme in 2007. Though the movie was not animated, it got people interested in the Transformers again, so Transformers-themed decor and merchandise again became a hot commodity for children. There are many things to choose when decorating a bedroom with a Transformers theme. You can start out by purchasing a wall appliqué. The appliqué comes in a couple of different character styles and stands about 40 inches tall. If you'd rather not have a huge Optimus Prime appliqué on the wall, consider using some Transformers wall border. This is basically a strip of border that can either go around the room, in the centre of the wall or around the room at the top of the wall, closest to the ceiling. Curtains are another thing to consider. Transformers-themed curtains are also available for your child's bedroom. In addition, buying some Transformers posters or action figures to set about the room will also help enhance the overall theme. Of course, no themed room would be complete without bedding to go along with the rest of the decor You can also add a Transformers-themed dustbin to the room, as well as a throw rug. A pillow or blanket to go on top of the bed would also be a nice touch. If you're looking for even more, you can find toy organisers and chairs to go along with your theme.

Where to find items

There is one online store in particular where you can find just about anything and everything with a Transformers theme. Visit to find bedding, furniture and wall borders. You will also find Transformers decor for other rooms in your home. If you would rather visit a local store to buy your furnishings or decor, Target or Wal-Mart are always good bets. They have a decent selection of Transformers-themed items at fairly reasonable prices.