What paint color goes well with oak wood?

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Oak is a popular and beautiful choice for flooring, cabinetry, trim and furniture. To complement your oak, you should choose a paint colour that makes the area especially polished and welcoming.


Oak wood comes in a number of finishes or hues, and each colour category calls for a different group of paint shades. For instance, dark or coffee-coloured oak flooring goes well with burnt orange or red walls; walnut or apricot-hued oak is attractive with pastel colours like yellow or pistachio green. Medium-coloured oak, similar to the colour of an almond or coconut shell, looks great with hues like navy blue or aubergine.


The function of the room that contains the oak accent can help you to determine the paint colour to use in the space. If you've installed oak flooring in your child's nursery, for example, you can combine light or medium oak with soft paint colours like blush pink or powder blue for the walls. If you've featured oak trim in the kitchen or dining room, try sophisticated medium shades such as sage green or lilac.


If you've chosen an especially appealing furniture or accent piece for a room that features oak flooring, trim or shelving, the paint colour can match the shade of the accent piece. For instance, if you have a bright red armchair in your home office or library, an accent wall in a similar shade gives the room excitement and energy.

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