The Samsung Monitor Dead Pixel Policy

Monitor image by Kavita from

Dead pixels (dots) degrade the picture quality and decrease the value of an LCD monitor. South Korean manufacturer Samsung offers varying dead pixel policies from one country to the next. Adding to the confusion, some websites provide false or misleading information about the company's dead pixel policy.

Dead vs. Bright

Samsung generally replaces monitors with "bright" pixels more easily than those with dark, dead pixels. Their website identifies bright pixels as dots that always remain white, green, red or blue.

Europe, Asia

A Samsung document from 2006 describes a "Zero Bright Pixel" policy for customers in northern Europe. The French website claims the manufacturer has an unofficial policy of exchanging monitors with bad pixels. The Singapore section of Samsung's website indicates that buyers can exchange a monitor within seven days if bright pixels appear.

United States

The U.S. section of the company's website states that a "few" dead pixels don't qualify as a monitor defect. It recommends a technique for attempting to repair a bad pixel, but does not specify a replacement policy.