How to Fix Dead Pixels on a Toshiba Laptop Images

The LCD display on your Toshiba laptop is made up of pixels that flash different colours to create an image on your screen. Occasionally, one of these pixels will become stuck on a single colour, creating a distracting dot on your screen. A pixel will also completely cease to function once in a while, in which case the only solution is to replace the display. Luckily, most of the time a dead pixel is actually just stuck, and you can fix it with some simple techniques. Before contacting Toshiba to have your display replaced, try these methods to fix the problem.

Locate the problem pixel. Display a true black image on your Toshiba's monitor. You can do this by playing a DVD on your Toshiba laptop, and pausing it on the black screen just before the movie starts. Once you bring up a black image on screen, the stuck or dead pixel should be visible.

Try applying direct pressure to the problematic pixel. After you've located it, turn off your laptop. Place a soft cloth or rag over the pixel to avoid damaging your screen. A soft chamois works well. Using the tip of a pen, apply gentle pressure to the pixel. You don't need to press hard, as too much pressure can crack or scratch your screen. While applying pressure, boot up your laptop. This should force the pixel to begin working properly.

Tap the pixel. With your Toshiba booted up and an image on the screen, gently tap the pixel with the rounded end of a pen cap. Tap hard just hard enough to see a small white flash on the screen. Tap your Toshiba's screen until the pixel begins working properly.

Download a stuck pixel program. Several programs, including JScreenFix, UDPix and Pixel Protector, are available for download and can help fix a malfunctioning pixel. These programs display rapidly changing colours and images on your screen. The flashing colours and images can force the pixel to begin functioning properly.

Contact Toshiba. If none of the above methods work, your screen may have a pixel that is truly dead. If that's the case, the only option is to replace the display completely. Contact Toshiba customer support at to find an authorised repair service near you.

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