Problems With JVC Televisions

Image by, courtesy of hobvias sudoneighm

JVC televisions have received numerous complaints, covering an array of different problems. The consumer complaint reports of problems concerned JVC television sets manufactured usually in 2007 or earlier, although at least one consumer reported on a JVC television picture problem on a set purchased in 2008.

That is to say, the problems reported for the JVC television sets concern sets that can receive analogue signal, not the newer digital imaging technology that no longer operates on analogue signal. Owners reported problems with picture, sound, internal lamps and general poor industry reputation of JVC products.

Picture Loss

Perhaps the most common problem with JVC televisions is that of picture loss. Numerous JVC television owners on consumer review sites reported picture loss after an interval of ownership. While in most cases the picture loss did not begin to occur immediately, picture loss often occurred starting about one to two years after purchase; certainly an interval shorter than you would expect such a problem with a reasonable quality television product.

Picture Darkening

A related problem reported by at least one owner of a JVC television involved a darkening of the JVC television picture. This owner did not report a total loss of picture with the JVC television, but did report a progressive darkening at first compensated by gradually increasing the brightness setting. Eventually, the picture darkened enough that this solution lost its effectiveness.

Screen Turning Green

Another consumer reported about his JVC television that the screen had begun turning green. A particularly odd thing about this problem is that the screen apparently was turning green in a "splotchy" manner, the owner noting that this greenish hue now occurred “across much of the screen.”

Sound Loss

Another problem reported about a JVC television involved a loss of sound. The owner reported still having a picture but having had a loss of sound with her JVC television. The owner did not report on how long she had owned the television set, but did report it as a sudden onset problem.

Poor Reputation

Some owners reporting on their own problems with JVC televisions stated having read widely about other reported problems with JVC televisions. One user reporting on her experience with her JVC television (in this case a failed lamp) stated that when she actually got a repairman in to service the television set, he told her that JVC has complaints all the time and that JVC wasn’t a quality product.