What paint colour matches grey?

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If you've painted some of the walls in your home grey, or have grey carpeting, you may be looking for a colour that will match the grey accents of your space perfectly. There are several colours to choose from, based on your tastes and the design scheme of the room.


Red, a warm colour that denotes energy and warmth, looks pleasing with light and medium-coloured grey shades. If your room is painted grey, use a deep, cranberry red for the accent wall, which will complement grey couches, chairs and tables well. Red paint also works well in rooms with medium-grey carpeting. Furniture made of medium or dark-coloured wood will bring the room's design scheme together.


Lighter greys blend well with deep purple hues like eggplant or aubergine. Paint in either of these purple colours can be used for an accent wall or accessories of the room. You can also paint panelling in one of these colours to complement the grey walls, or look for sofas or chairs in an eggplant colour. Darker grey carpet coupled with aubergine-painted walls adds an elegant and sophisticated look to any home space.


Light-grey carpeting and painted panelling look appealing with pastel and canary-yellow hues. Darker grey will be nicely complemented with a deeper yellow paint for panelling, like banana or school-bus yellow. Deep grey furniture will also make the room come alive, with yellow throw pillows or blankets to bring both of the colours together.