Brown & Cream Bedrooms

book in bedroom image by Pavel Losevsky from

A brown and cream bedroom can be a serene retreat with sophisticated style. Neutral colour schemes are restful, and can be effectively accented with small amounts of brighter colours in throw pillows and other accessories. Brown has a wide range of tones, so there is flexibility in this basic colour approach.

Light Source

First consider the light sources in the room. Notice how much natural light is available during daytime, and what lamps will contribute to the ambient light at night. If there is not much natural light, the wall colour should be a medium to light brown tone, or use cream. If there is good natural light, a deeper tone of brown will work. Deeper tones make the room seem cosier, lighter tones make it seem airier.

Large Areas

Next consider the larger areas of colour in the room. These will include the walls, ceiling, floor and bed covering. The bed covering should provide contrast from the floor colouring. Cream is a warm, rich ceiling and woodwork colour. Consider the finish tones of the furniture when choosing the wall colour.


Finally, choose fabrics for the bed coverings and window treatments. The mood will be set by the textures and patterns of the fabrics. Filmy curtains create a romantic effect. Rich, deep silks speak of luxury. Textured cottons have simple elegance. Finish with carefully chosen accessories that harmonise with the paint and fabric choices.