Can I Watch Freeview TV on My PC?

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Freeview TV is a television service provided in the United Kingdom (UK) by DTV Services Ltd. Freeview TV offers its viewers close to 50 digital channels and 24 digital music channels free of charge. Freeview TV programming includes over four dozen music, entertainment, children's, lifestyle and news channels.

There are several ways to watch Freeview TV on a PC.

Software Needed to Watch Freeview TV On PC

Before you are able to watch Freeview TV on your computer, it will need at least two of these three plug ins: Real Player, Windows Media Player or QuickTime. The majority of computers have all four already downloaded on them; if not, they all can be downloaded for free.

Three Ways To Watch Freeview TV Online

There are three ways you can watch Freeview TV on your PC. The first way is to use a USB Box. The second way is to use PCI Card. The third, and final way is to use a Media Center. Each way will work and provide you with Freeview TV on your PC, it is up to you to decide how you desire to watch it.


If you desire to use the USB Box, you can purchase one at any electronic store. Once purchased, install the software on your computer that comes on a CD. Also you can download the latest version of the USB Box software from the company's website. After the software is installed, plug the USB Box into your roof mounted aerial connection. Once it is connected, attach the USB cable to a USB port on your computer. Start the digital TV software and you are now ready to watch Freeview TV on your PC using a USB Box.

PCI Card

If you desire to use a PCI Card, this must be installed inside your computer so you will have to open up your computer. To install the PCI Card, turn off and unplug your computer. Once the computer is open, locate a free PCI spot and remove the blanking plate with a screwdriver. Make sure the PCI Card is firmly in the slot before closing the computer. Once the computer is closed, you then will attach the aerial connection. Install the software that is included, once the installation is complete, start the digital TV software and you are now ready to watch Freeview TV on your PC using the PCI Card.

Media Center

Your computer will need to have at least Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 . This version is equipped with a full personal video recorder support, and you will need to install one PCI cards. This set-up is more difficult to use than the other two choices but gives you an easier-to-use program guide. Also when you use the media centre option, you can record the shows and watch them on any other PC within your network or on your Xbox 360.