How Do You Skip Previews Using Windows Media Player?

Updated February 21, 2017

Like the VHS tapes that preceded them, DVDs often feature previews of upcoming films before the main feature is played. If you want to skip them while using Windows Media Player, the process is very simple and only requires a few steps. Once you have skipped the previews, the main menu will appear.

Start the Movie

Start the movie by putting the DVD in your computer's DVD-ROM drive and then opening Windows Media Player. The DVD will usually start playing automatically, but if AutoPlay is not enabled, you can start it by going to the "Open" menu and selecting the DVD. Press "OK". The DVD should begin playing automatically.

Use the "Skip" button

Mouse over the bottom of the screen to access Windows Media Player's pop-up DVD menu. Click on the icon with two arrows pointing toward the right. This is the "Skip" button. Keep pressing this button until the main menu pops up. This function is not available on some DVDs. In this case, click on the "Fast Forward" button (the icon with one arrow) to speed through the previews.

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