How to Enable Hidden BIOS Features

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BIOS stands for basic input output system. It helps to ensure that the hardware components on your computer are working properly, then it starts up the operating system.

If you would like to enable or disable certain features, or change the boot sequence of the hardware, you can do so by accessing the BIOS when your computer is starting up.

Power on your computer. As soon as the logo of the computer's manufacturer appears, press the "F2" button on your keyboard. On some computers, you will need to press the "F1" or "Del" button. It will say which button to press at the bottom of the screen.

Unlock the secret features of the computer's BIOS by pressing the "Alt" and "F1" button at the same time.

Try using another combination of keys if the "Alt" and "F1" does not work. You can try "Shift" and "F1", or "Ctrl" and "F1."

Use the arrow keys on the computer's keyboard to navigate to the BIOS menu. Select the BIOS feature you want to access using the arrow keys. Press the "Enter" key on your computer to access the BIOS feature.

Close the BIOS menu by pressing the "Escape" button.