Bug Costume Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to dressing up as a bug. Scientists believe that anywhere from 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 insects in the world are still waiting to be discovered. These small, 6-legged creatures include cockroaches, flies, crickets, termites, fleas, and beetles. Bug costumes can be adapted for both children and adults.

Main Body Ideas

Most bug costumes can start with a black base. Wear a black sweat suit or black dress from a second-hand store. Purple or emerald green also make a good base for homemade bug costumes. Covering your body with an inexpensive solid colour sweat suit allows you to sew or glue on different elements to create a particular bug. For example, if your bug of choice features spots, add felt circles to the costume in a different colour than the base of the costume. Spots can also be drawn on with fabric markers.

Face Make-up Ideas

Use the same base colour on your face as on your body. Spread face paint with a sponge to create an even coat. Continue the base face paint down your neck, if desired. Use black liquid eye liner to draw large bug eyes around your eyes. Fill in these two large circles with glitter face paint to resemble the mirrored eyes of some bugs.

Antennae Ideas

Make antennae with a plastic or elastic headband, two glitter pipe cleaners and two pom poms. Wrap one end of each pipe cleaner around two large pom poms. Attach the other end of the pipe cleaners to the headband.

Wing Ideas

Make a set of wings for the bug with cardboard, felt, tacky glue and elastic. Cut a wing shape from a piece of thin cardboard, like from a cereal box. Draw a figure eight on its side for a basic wing design. Evenly coat the cardboard with tacky glue and then cover with coloured felt. Attach two, 12-inch pieces of elastic to the centre of the wings to create loops. Each loop should be just long enough to go over your shoulders. Decorate the wings with glitter glue, glued on felt shapes, or sequins.

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