The proper placement of a bifold door knob

Written by irving oala | 13/05/2017
The proper placement of a bifold door knob
Bifold doors have an additional hinge in the centre of each door. (Getty Images)

When installing bifold doorknobs, the position of each knob is a matter of preference. Generally, bifold doorknob location falls into two categories: centred and off-centred. Centred bifold doorknobs are located at the centre of the leading panel. Off-centred bifold doorknobs are about 5 cm (2 inches) to the left of the crease, also on the leading panel.

Centred and off-centred

Assuming you have a kit or the proper tools to install a bifold doorknob, you must choose centred or off-centred. Choosing either centred or off-centred is completely based on preference; the choice is up to you. If you favour symmetry, choosing the centred option is the way to go. If you favour ease of use, then off-centred is the right way.


Placed at the centre of the leading panel, centred bifold doorknobs present a clean and simple appearance. A centred doorknob is more aesthetically pleasing, but it may be a bit more difficult to open because the centred position is farther from the door's pivot point. Closing the door should not be an issue, though, because doorknobs are not used when closing most bifold doors.


The off-centred bifold doorknob is the way to go for a high-use bifold door. The off-centred position is close to the pivot point and, therefore, makes the door easy to open. While the off-centred appearance may be less pleasing to the eye than a centred doorknob, the off-centred location of the knob makes function of the door much more pleasant. Closing is not a factor with off-centred bifold doorknobs either because, again, most knobs are not used when closing this kind of door.

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