How to Remove a Window Winder in a Ford Transit

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A Ford Transit's window winder is fairly easy to remove --- all that is needed is a standard hook tool. The winder itself is made of moulded plastic, and it is held onto a metal bolt by a clip shaped like a letter "C." There are a few reasons why the winder may need replaced: if it is stripped, it will not roll the window up or down, or it may be in the way of other repairs. If you need to get the Ford's door panel off, the winder will need to be removed first.

Roll the Ford Transit's window up completely.

Place one hand on the winder's handle and gently apply pressure. This will form a gap between the winder's base and the Transit's door panel.

Slide the hook tool beneath the base of the winder. Grab the metal clips "C" bend with the hook.

Pull the hook tool hard. This will dislodge the metal clip and free it from the winder.

Pick up the winder once it falls from Transit's door panel. Place it to the side for reinstallation or discard it.

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