How do I Remove the Dashboard From a Toyota Yaris?

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A Toyota Yaris dashboard is one of the easiest to remove from a vehicle. There are four Phillips screws and two bolts that hold it firmly in place. Plastic clips fasten the remainder of the dash and other trim components (Ref 1). Gentle force may be necessary if the retaining clips are very tight, but be careful not to damage the plastic. A standard screwdriver can be helpful for prying up spots that are particularly stubborn.

Remove the negative terminal from the battery with a socket wrench before starting. This prevents accidental short circuits while unplugging the electrical components behind the dashboard (Ref 2).

Remove enough of the weather stripping from the front pillars next to the dashboard to reach the dashboard clips underneath. There are three plastic clips on both sides that you can remove with your fingers (Ref 2). Gently pry them up to loosen the right and left-hand sides of the dashboard.

Remove two panels of trim from around the sides of the climate controls in the centre console. They snap off with your fingers. Pull out the knobs and sliders from the climate controls and put them aside in a container so you don't misplace them. Pull away a third trim panel from above the climate controls (Ref 2).

Unclasp the instrument cluster cover above the centre console with your fingers. Lift it away from the dashboard. Unscrew four Phillips screws from around the instrument cluster and carefully pull out the instruments. Unplug two wire harnesses from behind the instrument cluster (Ref 2).

Open the glove box door and squeeze it inward. Pull out the entire glove box assembly by unclasping the bottom with your fingers. Undo the two 12mm bolts at the back of the glove box cavity. Carefully loosen the edges of the dashboard all the way around Make sure no electrical wires are caught beneath the dash. Lift the dashboard up and remove it from the vehicle. Get a helper if the dash is hard to handle alone. It is not heavy, but it could be awkward to handle for just one person (Ref 2).

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