What Kind of Sheets to Put on a Futon

Written by brenda priddy | 13/05/2017

Buying sheets for a futon can be a confusing process. What types of sheets are necessary? What size sheets do I need? Can regular bed sheets be used? These questions are important to choosing the best sheet set to use with any futon.

Protective Sheeting

If a futon is going to be used as a bed, it is important to have a vinyl or plastic sheet covering the mattress to protect it from becoming damaged or dirty. The sheet is necessary because it is not possible to machine wash a futon mattress. These protective mattress covers come in a variety of finishes, colours and materials. The ideal sheet to use with a mattress is one that will provide protection without sacrificing comfort or feel. Vinyl covers that feel like leather are one choice. Or choose a more traditional vinyl sheet that is thin and unobtrusive.

Futon Cover Sheets

The most common kind of sheet to use with a futon is a futon cover. This sheet cover looks more like sofa upholstery but can also be used as an additional mattress cover over the vinyl sheet. Futon covers can be purchased in a variety of textures and materials. However, if you plan to use the futon as a bed, choose a cover that is soft to the touch and does not have a lot of texture that could be uncomfortable to the sleeper. A pure cotton cover sheet is best, but cotton blends will work as well. Choose a cover that is sturdy and well-made as well as comfortable.

Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are necessary when the futon is used as a bed. The sheets are put on each night and taken off in the morning during the use of the futon as a bed. The futon can usually not be folded when the bed sheets are on the bed. There are sheets sold specifically for futons. These sheets are usually more shallow than traditional bed sheets and allow for a futon mattress of around 6 to 8 inches. However, futon mattresses come in thicknesses upwards of 10 inches. If a mattress this thick is used, then traditional bed sheets should be used. Get the size of sheet that matches your futon size. Most futons are twin-size, but some are full or queen.

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