How Can I Hang Cube Shelves on the Wall?

Updated February 21, 2017

Cube shelves are small enough to fit in most spaces. They can be grouped or hung separately, giving you that extra shelf space just where you need it most. Cube shelves come in a variety of sizes and colours, giving you multiple decorating options. Hanging the shelves is a simple matter of following the instructions that come with the shelves. How you arrange them on the wall is more of a creative matter.

Cube Shelf Decorator Ideas

Cube shelves are simple cubes with an open face. Hang them using the accompanying hardware. How you arrange them is a matter of personal taste. You can simply hang them as individual cubes, scattered on a wall (or walls) of a room. In scattering them, you might have them evenly spaced, at the same height or at varying heights.

You can hang them in groups together, side by side, effectively creating a mini, wall-mounted bookcase. In grouping them, you can cluster them in a line, side by side either vertically or horizontally. Or cluster them into a larger square of three rows of three cubes each, for nine total cubes.

Be creative in your clustered shape. You don't have to be confined to lines and squares. Create a pyramid of cubes with three on the bottom, two above that and one on the top. Or form a diagonal line with your cubes, touching each only at the corners.

Or turn your cubes on a corner and hang them like diamonds instead of squares. You can still store books with this orientation, but you won't be able to store figurines or other objects. If orientating the cubes on point, you can group four together for an even larger diamond.

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