How to hang an Ikea Ribba frame

Polka Dot Images/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Ikea Ribba wall frames are a range of competitively priced picture frames available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, ranging from small square frames of 25cm by 25cm, to large poster-sized frames measuring 102cm in height.

The frames consist of a fibreboard backing, a cream-coloured picture-mount, a glass (or plastic, in the largest size) overlay and a veneered surround. The colours currently available are white, black, oak, white-stained oak and high-gloss grey.

Unpack your Ribba frame. Inside the pack you should find the complete frame, including the fibreboard backing, mount and glass (or plastic) overlay. Your frame will also be supplied with four small screws, a length of picture-wire and two wire-clips. There should also be a set of assembly instructions.

Place your chosen picture inside the mount. You may find it easier to lay the mount face down and place the picture face-down over the back of it. The latter method means you can use masking tape to secure the picture in place, and means it won't slip down when you hang the frame vertically. Still working face-down, place the glass inside the frame and lay the mounted picture face down inside it.

Attach the wire-clips to the fibreboard backing. These should clip on to the side of the board easily, with the open sides facing out towards you. Now take the length of wire and thread it through the clips, winding the ends securely. If your wire is too long, shorten it with wire-cutters. Take care to position the clips so that your picture will hang well; ideally position them approximately one-third's distance from the top of the frame.

Clip the whole frame together using the metal folds at the back of the frame. Larger frames include a small metal bracket attaches to the backing. This bracket should be affixed to the frame itself using the screws supplied. Once your frame is secure, you are ready to hang it.

Now hang the frame. Ribba frames are not too heavy; the larger sizes are supplied with lightweight plastic overlays, reducing the weight considerably; so there is little risk of the frame being too heavy for the wall. Using your hammer and panel pins, attach a picture hook to the wall in your chosen place. Using the wire at the back of the frame, you are now ready to hang the picture from the hook.