Bank of America Wire Transfer Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Making a wire transfer through Bank of America is easy, especially if you are familiar with online banking. Bank of America allows you to wire transfer money to any account in the world, though different banks may have different fees or restrictions for wire transfers. Bank of America also has its own charges that differ depending on whether the transfer is domestic or international. For some banks you will need Bank of America's SWIFT code number, BOFAUS3N, to successfully make a transfer.

Adding an Account

To make a domestic or international wire transfer, access your Bank of America online banking account. You will need your online banking user name and password to do this. Once you have accessed the account, select the "Transfers" tab. From here you can add an outside account if you haven't already done so. By creating an outside account, you will be able to transfer money between your Bank of America checking or savings account and another checking or savings account at a different financial institution. Click on "Add Account" and enter the required information for this outside account into the indicated fields. You can verify the bank name for this account by searching for the bank or providing the nine-digit routing number. Next, indicate the account type below (checking or savings) and type in the account number. Provide your personal details as requested below. All of this information is used once to verify the outside account.

Making a Transfer

Now that you have the outside account set up and verified, click again on the “Transfers” tab, then click on the “Make a Transfer” tab. Select the accounts you wish to transfer money between in the drop down menu. Next, enter the amount of money you wish to transfer and the speed at which you want to transfer it. Choose “Same business day wire transfer.” Note that the fee for domestic transfers is $25 for outgoing and $12 for incoming. International wire transfer fees are $45 for funds sent in U.S. currency and $35 for funds sent in foreign currency. All incoming international wire transfers have an outgoing fee of $16. To make a transfer on behalf of a family or friend, you will need the person’s full name, valid ID and complete address. If the transfer is more than $1,000, you will use a security feature called SafePass that you need to set up with Bank of America. Once you have completed these steps, review the transfer details and confirm that all the information is correct.

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