DIY Pirate Costumes

Updated March 23, 2017

You can make your own pirate costume for a party, parade or other event. Many of the items needed for the costume can be found in your house. Depending on how detailed you want your pirate costume to be, you may have to make a few small purchases to enhance the look of your outfit.

Pirate Clothing

A pirate of the 18th century typically wore long, dark-coloured baggy bloomers. To create your own bloomers, use pair of capri pants or tie up a pair of loose fitting trousers. You can also use sweat pants and pull the legs up underneath your knees. Add knee socks underneath the trousers.

Find a baggy, open chested shirt with a tie up front. You can leave it untucked or wear a large buckled belt around your waist on top of the shirt. Tie a long scarf around your waist if you can't find a belt. Add a vest on top of the shirt for an added effect.

Wear a pair of knee-high boots or ankle boots. You can also fake a wooden leg on one of your legs. To do this, find a wooden post or peg and cut it the length of your ankle and shin. Securely attach it to a rounded bucket that hugs your bended knee. You will have to bend one leg so your foot is touching your backside. Tie the leg up and stick the peg leg on your knee. Use caution when walking and take the peg leg off from time to time to let your leg stretch out.

Pirate Accessories

Accessorise your costume with earrings, eye patches, hats, bandannas, necklaces, rings and weaponry, such as pistols, knives and swords. You can purchase a pirate hat or use an old black hat that resembles a pirate hat. You can tie a scarf or bandanna underneath the hat as well. Wear a real or faux parrot on your shoulder.

Pirate Makeup and Hair

Use black outliner to outline your eyes. Smudge it slightly to create dark shadows underneath your eyes. Dust bronzing powder on your cheeks, nose and forehead for a sun-kissed look to your face. Wear a wig or if you have long hair, leave it stringy or style it in dreadlocks.

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