DIY Tinkerbell costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Tinkerbell is one of the most iconic and enchanting Disney characters. Carefree and fun, she is able to captivate audiences with her mischief and adventure. A Tinkerbell costume can be worn by girls and women of all ages. Create your own Tinkerbell costume piece by piece and become one of the most magical characters to date.


Tinkerbell's costume is so recognisable that you can get away with wearing a short dress, just as long as it is green. However, if you want to be precise, find a form fitting green sweetheart dress in whatever length. Unless the dress's skirt comes precut in Tinkerbell's style, length does not matter, since you will cut it yourself. Another option is to buy a green tunic or a long green top and tie a green ribbon around your waist to create Tinkerbell's hourglass figure. Take scissors and make sure that you cut the bottom of the dress in a jagged manner. You can also purchase a green leotard from a dance shop and sew green tulle, so that it encircles the waist area. Avoid sewing and purchase a tulle skirt from a ballet shop. Tinkerbell's dress was well above the knee; however, this is your costume, so cut the dress to the length of your own personal liking.

Purchase clear or white fairy wings and attach them to the upper shoulder blade area.

Look for ballet flats in green. If you cannot find ballet flats, look for white or cream dyeable flats. Visit a shop that offers shoe dying service and ask them to match the white flats to the colour of your dress. After you have dyed your shoes or if your shoes are already the shade to your liking, glue white pom pom's or pile cotton balls to the vamp--the toe end of your flats.

Wear your hair in a high bun. If you want to go a step further, purchase a blond wig and style it. Wear bright red or pink lipstick. Find a blue satin ribbon and tie a bow in your hair, so that the bow is on the back of your head. In the movie "Hook," Julia Roberts played a brunette Tinkerbell with brown hair in a pixie cut. However, the original Tinkerbell is the most recognisable. Choose whatever style fits you best.

Sometimes, Tinkerbell carries a wand. Her wand is thin and larger at the base, becoming more slender toward the end. Find a stick or wand and spray paint it in a metallic colour, either silver or gold. Whenever Tinkerbell casts a spell, her wand lights up at the end. You can make a silver star at the end of your wand for effect. If you choose this option, cut out two stars in the same exact shape from cardboard, spray paint them silver and add glitter. Glue both stars to the end of your wand so that the tip of your wand is sandwiched in between the stars.

Carry sparkle dust for effect. Tinkerbell is always encircled by a light cloud of glitter. You can also apply glitter lotion on your body for that effect.

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