Ab roller assembly instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

You can be on your way to tightening and toning your abs with the AB Roller. Your AB Roller is simple to assemble and will be ready to use in no time. There are no special tools required for assembly and all the required parts are included in the box.


Start by laying all the parts on a carpeted surface. Ensure that there is nothing missing by checking them against the parts list in the instructions manual. Read the manual thoroughly before you start assembly in order to get an idea of what is required.


Attach the two roller arms to the overhead support bar with two short screws. Tighten the screws with the provided Allen wrench, make sure the screw heads are facing upward when the unit is placed on the floor. Next you'll need to attach the head pad to the lower bar with two long screws, tightening them with the Allen wrench. After inserting the lower bar into the side bars, secure with two short screws and then tighten with the Allen wrench.

The AB Lounge now features a "pro" assist spring," which provides additional assistance for beginner and intermediate users. If you feel you could benefit from the extra support, then it's a good idea to attach it. You'll first need to assemble the spring by placing the nylon cover over the spring, ensuring the small opening is at the top, then push the protective cap over the spring and case. Once the spring is assembled, you can attach it to the head with a short screw.


Use your AB Roller on a level, carpeted surface. If you don't have a carpeted surface, then place an exercise mat or towel underneath your AB Roller to provide your back with cushioning. Always inspect your AB Lounge prior to each use as some of the screws may have become loose during usage. Keep the instruction manual in a safe place, you may need it for reference if you need to disassemble your AB Lounge.


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