How to fix a stripped screw with super glue on the head

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Stripped screws are a common frustration. Screws are easily stripped by applying too much force or using the wrong sized screwdriver or Allen wrench. The tool slips or grinds against the threads and strips them away, leaving behind a disfigured hole. Small screwdrivers available in eyeglass repair kits may prove successful in removing tiny screws stuck in some electronics. For larger screws, other methods such as super glue or extractor kits work best.

Place a drop of Super Glue into the stripped top of the screw. Exercise caution when applying the glue. Use the smallest drop necessary to avoid any dripping or running.

Press the Allen wrench into wet Super Glue. Hold tight for ten seconds.

Turn the Allen wrench slowly. Remove the stripped screw.

Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover containing acetone. Swab the spot where the Allen wrench and screw meet.

Apply enough pressure to break the seal of Super Glue from the Allen wrench. Clean excess dried glue from Allen wrench with cotton swab and acetone.

Use a special drill bit to remove the stripped screw if the glue and Allen wrench trick fails. Dissolve the Super Glue with acetone and set aside the Allen wrench.

Attach a drill bit such as the Grab-It line of bits made by Alden to an electric or cordless drill. Place drill bit in the centre of the stripped screw. Use care when drilling out and removing the screw.

Try a spritz of WD-40 or other lubricant if screw seems rusted or stuck in place.

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