How to Take Apart a Swiss Army Knife

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The Swiss Army Knife is a versatile tool that can be used for many different functions. The tool is renowned for its multiple uses and general utility. The tool is so well made that there is seldom any need to be disassembled. Yet, for cleaning purposes or for creating custom knives by attaching tools from other knives, some owners may wish to take their knives apart. Contrary to claims that the product needs to be sent back to the manufacturer or taken to a jeweller, it is possible to take the knife apart yourself.

Remove the sides of the knife. Take out the tweezers and pick. Slide a thin blade or another knife under the edge of the side until it pops out from the pin attaching it to the knife. Do this again for the remaining pins, there are two per side. On larger knives a screwdriver may be slid into the tweezers or pick compartments to pop off the sides.

Use the vice to secure the knife in the "up" position. The "down" side of the knife has a rivet while the "up" side has the rivet end contained in a small housing case.

Loosen the pins but keep them in tact. This can be quite difficult. Use a thin, dulled tool, like a finish nail flattened by a hammer. Place the blunted tip of the nail onto the pin in the knife and tap it with the hammer until the pin comes loose.

Remove the pins. They may slide right out or they may require the flattened nail or a screwdriver to pry out.

Remove the knife from the vice. Hold it together while removing it.

Remove each layer of the knife individually. When reassembling the knife it may be necessary to keep certain layers in order, so be careful to keep track of where they go.

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