How to Load a Marksman Pellet Gun 1790

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The Marksman model 1790 pellet gun was a design modelled after a biathlon rifle and known as a biathlon training rifle for youth. This weapon fires a single .177-calibre pellet at a velocity of 450 feet per second. The rifle was touted as being highly accurate by many biathlon enthusiasts and a great weapon to use as a biathlon trainer, though it is no longer currently manufactured by Marksman. Loading the weapon was done with ease, as the 1790 was modelled with "break barrel" design, allowing the shooter to break the weapon open and load the rifle.

Depress the barrel release catch located at the left side of the weapon. This is a round button near the top receiver.

Hold the button in and simultaneously pull down on the stock. This will break the barrel open to expose the chamber.

Place a single pellet into the chamber, then close the barrel and push until you hear a snap. This will ensure that the barrel and stock have locked back together securely. Your weapon is now loaded.

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