Pop Up Tent Folding Instructions

Updated July 19, 2017

Every camping trip ends with the same task: folding and putting away the tent. There are many different types of tents to choose from, but generally the bottom of the tent, or tent footprint, will be either a rectangular or hexagonal shape. The process of folding the tent is fairly easy once you are familiar with the steps.

After removing all of the poles, spread the tent flat out on the ground. Unzip the door and take note of which side the door is on. Fold one side in toward the centre of the tent.

Fold the other side in to the middle of the tent.

Fold the entire tent in half.

Put the tent poles in their bag and place the bag on the end of the tent that does not have the door. Roll the tent tightly around the poles toward the door. This will allow trapped air in the tent to escape out the open door.


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