Paint colors & ideas for bedrooms

Updated November 21, 2016

Painting is an important decision when decorating your bedroom. There are many possibilities available to you when painting a bedroom. The theme of the decor, the personality of the occupant and your decorating budget should all be considered when deciding how to paint your bedroom.


Paint your bedroom eggshell. This warm, neutral colour will make the room appear larger, especially if you paint the ceiling a lighter shade of eggshell than your walls. Eggshell easily matches and coordinates with a large variety of colours.


Paint borders on your bedroom walls. Use a slightly darker shade of your wall colour. Place the border close to your ceiling to make the bedroom walls appear taller. Stencil designs on the wall borders in a child's bedroom. Paint this border at the children's eye level so they will be able to enjoy the designs.


Use a soft warm blue to paint the walls of your bedroom. Blue is a calming, relaxing colour. Many colours will coordinate with the softer shades and hues of blue. Use browns, yellows and oranges that coordinate with the specific shade of blue you selected.

Accent Walls

Paint an accent wall in your bedroom. This can simply be one wall that is a different colour than the others or as intricate as a mural. Use your accent wall as the focal point in the room. Stencil designs or shapes on your accent wall to add visual interest. Use a faux painting technique such as feather painting, crinkle painting or antiquing to add depth and dimension to your accent wall.


Use a warm yellow shade to paint the walls in your bedroom. Yellows will help to brighten up the bedroom and are an excellent choice for a nursery or child's bedroom. Blues, reds and purples coordinate well with yellow as do browns and greens.

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