How to Repaint Lloyd Loom Wicker

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Wicker furniture is protected by paint to repel insects and withstand weather outdoors. Lloyd Loom manufactures wicker dining sets, chairs, ottomans and lounge chairs to use near a pool or on a deck.

After several years of use, the paint may start to flake off, become sun-bleached or you may just prefer to repaint the wicker to change your colour scheme. Repainting wicker properly includes the preparation work of cleaning, sanding and priming the piece.

Remove any loose paint flecks on the wicker with a soft wire brush. Brush all surfaces of the wicker as some paint may be partially loose and need removing.

Fold a sheet of sandpaper so that it fits in the palm of your hand. Lightly sand the wicker project on all surfaces including the underneath.

Shake a can of oil based wood primer. Pry the lid open with a flathead screwdriver and thoroughly mix the contents with a paint stick until it is uniform in colour.

Turn the wicker piece upside down. Dip a paintbrush into the primer to wet the bottom of the bristles. Tap the primer from the bristles into the crevices of the wicker to reach to the frame. Dip a paintbrush farther into the primer so that about half of the bristles are wet. Paint the wicker. Let the bottom of the wicker furniture dry and then turn it over and repeat this step to prime the top. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly.

Shake up a can of exterior house paint. Open the lid with a flathead screwdriver and stir it with a paint stick.

Turn the wicker piece upside down and paint the bottom and legs with the paint. Allow the paint to dry, then turn the furniture over and paint the top side. Let the first coat of exterior paint dry thoroughly and then add a second coat in the same manner.