How to paint window Christmas scenes

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Window Christmas scenes are an alternative to Christmas lawn ornaments, but sometimes people are afraid to attempt this artistic endeavour, thinking it is beyond their skill level. However, the process of decorating windows is actually quite simple, involving just a quick trip to the craft store.

Window painters recommend craft paint over tempera, because it is less runny, however, either type of paint can be used.

Use household window cleaner, a squeegee and paper towels to clean the windows. Do not use any cleaner that says it will repel dust; this will also repel paint.

Sketch your window design on a piece of paper, or, if confident in your drawing abilities, simply freehand the painting. Think of a theme: religious, Frosty the Snowman, or Santa, for examples.

Pour the paint colours into plastic bowls. If you are using tempera, it is important to note that the paint will run if exposed to rain. So apply tempera paints on the inside of the windows, unless there is an awning protecting the windows. If you are using acrylic craft paint, you can paint the inside or outside of the windows. Remember to apply the design backward if painting the inside, so it will be seen properly from the outside.

Clean the plastic bowls and the brushes with regular tap water and any mild soap.

Remove the paint after the season is over by spraying the design with water and letting it sit for a minute. Scrape it off with a credit card or utility knife.