How to Decorate a Toy Box

Updated April 17, 2017

Many parents spend the months leading up to the birth of a child decorating the nursery to perfection. Manufacturers capitalise on the fact that many parents will spend hard-earned money purchasing decorative children's bedding, furniture and other decor items. Decorate toy boxes can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can use basic craft supplies and materials from a home improvement store to turn a plain toy box into one that coordinates with your child's decor and reflects his interests.

Paint the outside of the toy box to match the decor of the room. Tape off areas you would like to remain unpainted. Then, use semigloss paint for the base to create an easy-to-clean surface. Use acrylic paints to add a coordinating pattern such as strips or polka dots to add interest to the toy box. A child who is a sports fan may appreciate the colours and insignia for his favourite team. If you have less than stellar artistic abilities, use a stencil to apply a design to the toy box. Consider the child's gender and preferences when making choices about the colour and style. Allow the child to customise the toy box by creating his own artwork using finger paints.

Apply wallpaper or vinyl decals to the toy box. Find a wallpaper or decorative border to mat the child's bedroom or toy room. You can order custom-made vinyl decals with your child's monogram, interesting designs or an inspirational verse. They are beneficial because you can remove them from the toy box whenever you desire without damaging the surface. Alternately, use d├ęcoupage medium to affix designs to the toy box. Cut design from a magazine or a colourful calendar, and glue them to the surface of the toy box with d├ęcoupage medium. Use long brush strokes that reach from one edge of the surface. Allow it to dry and apply a second coat of medium to all of the surfaces.

Add decorative finials to the corners of the toy box and screw furniture legs into the bottom. Attach wooden scrollwork to areas on the toy box. Sew a custom pillow to place on the lid so that the toy box takes on the look of a piece of furniture.


In a well-ventilated room, apply a couple coats of polyurethane to a painted toy box to protect the surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Toy box
  • Paint, wallpaper or decals
  • Decorative finials and scrollwork
  • Furniture legs
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