Ways to make a 50th birthday scrapbook page

A 50th birthday is a momentous occasion and you might have trouble deciding what to get the birthday boy or girl. A scrapbook page is a great way to show that you love and appreciate them, while focusing on their achievements and other things that are uniquely theirs.

Then and Now Page

A fun way to make a 50th birthday scrapbook page is to make a Then and Now Page. With this type of page, you gather old photos of the 50 year old from the past, and match them with new pictures. For instance, you could use a picture of him as a child, with a baseball bat and caption it as "Then: Wanted to be a Baseball Player" and then match it with a picture of him in his favourite armchair and caption it, "Now: Accomplished Baseball Watcher." Doing a Then and Now page is a funny look at the birthday boy as a child and how he ended up as a 50 year old.

Time Capsule Page

Another way to make a 50th birthday scrapbook page is to do a time capsule page. You simply draw a time line through the scrapbook page, and list the dates in decades from the time the birthday boy was born, until the present day. One one side of the time line you can write things that were going on in the world and society, and the correspond it with pictures and events from the birthday boys own life. For instance, if the birthday boy is named Frank and got married in 1957, you could put on one side between 1950 and 1960, "Elvis scores his first number one hit with Heartbreak Hotel," and on the other side, place a picture of Frank's wedding and write the date, "1957, Frank become 'King' of his own castle and marries Linda." The time capsule page is a great snapshot into the lifespan of the birthday boy and what events he lived through.

Family Affair Page

This is the most simple way to make a 50th birthday scrapbook page. You simply need a large, clear photo of the birthday boy, printed in black and white. An 8x10 works perfectly. You affix it to the page, and then pass around a black marker to everyone in the family to write a short birthday message. When you add this page to his scrapbook, he'll constantly be reminded of everyone who attended his 50th birthday celebration and how loved he is.

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