How to Make Fun Golf Hats

Updated April 17, 2017

You too can create fun golf themed hats using your imagination, simple components and skill with a glue gun.

Cut a pizza pan-sized piece of "green" material in a circle. This serves the top of the beret.

Apply a wavy ring of adhesive on the outer rim of a headband, and firmly press the circular material (wrong side up) around the band. Allow the glued pieces to dry.

Turn the nearly completed hat right-side out. Adorn the top of the beret with a mini-pancake-sized circle of black fabric (to represent a hole) and a ball glued securely inches away. Glue a miniature flag to the center of the hole.

Select an assortment of faux hair pieces (dreadlocks, punk rocker, blonde bombshell, bald guy), and inexpensive golf accessories such as tees, divot tools and ball markers.

Firmly affix hair pieces to inner rim of visors with strong, waterproof adhesive. Allow to dry completely.

Affix golf accessories to the visor using "teardrops" of adhesive.


Take extra care when using a heated glue gun. Adult supervision is recommended. Wash skin that comes into contact with glue thoroughly.

Things You'll Need

  • Golf balls (preferably plastic)
  • Strong adhesive
  • Elastic thread
  • Inexpensive visors, headbands and wig pieces
  • Several yards of "grass green" material or printed tablecloth
  • Small amount of black material
  • Small golf accessories (tees, divot tools, ball markers)
  • Golf-theme crepe paper rolls
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